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How to Clean Out a House After an Eviction

Posted - 03/06/2012

Landlords dread the eviction process, and not only because of all the extra paperwork it causes. Evictions are messy, and usually once the tenant leaves they certainly won't take the time to clean up after themselves. Most evicted tenants leave behind unwanted belongings, anything from an old shirt to entire living room sets. An abandoned apartment that sat empty for some time during the eviction process has even more unwelcome sights, such as spoiled food in the fridge. Malicious tenants upset over the eviction may even deliberately damage the landlord's property.

First, if your property was ruined by angry tenants, take them to court, as they owe you the money for repairs. Secondly, since evictions are very stressful for landlords, don't try and take on more than you can handle. If your tenant left behind a lot of junk, find a disposal company to take it away. Look into hiring a cleaning company to get rid of the rest of mess left behind. Many cleaning companies specialize in cleaning up abandoned or evicted apartments, and even the greatest residential disasters will not faze them. Rest assured that a cleaning company will work quickly to return your property into its former state.